The summer heat still deficiencies. Let us sum up the 2010 spring and summer fashion trends. Resin and plastic are the main force of transparent style. It gives us a feeling that we have to go back to rethink about it. The avant-garde style FENDI ice pack, the PRADA transparent high-heeled shoes and Burberry transparent bracelet are so called classic. The design of them is bold and the shape is very eye-catching. The gorgeous transparent sense is also cooling the hot summer. Not only that, a Women’s Dresses in New York of transparency has even spread from accessories to clothing. If you are already taking advantage of late summer discount to take them down, that is a smart choice. To the spring and summer of next year, this trend will come much more turbulently.
Plastic jewelry is sought after because it’s environmentally friendly and practical.
In the past, the big brands launched shopping bags to comply with environmental protection trend. Today, the massive popularity of the plastic is also for the same reason. The special processing techniques improve the gloss and comfort, making the Women’s Dresses in Los Angeles.
«For big brands, the promotion of this plastic trend is quite valuable. In the case of cost savings, people can not only look to be fashionable but can also try the new things.» A fashion industry source said, this trend is closely related to economic backgrounds. The big brands turn to artificial leather and plastic from expensive leather. Their cost pressure is suddenly a lot easier. At the same time, the profits can quietly raise. They do nothing more than some effort to create Stylish women’s clothing, so that consumers will willingly pay.
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