Cute Jellies

Shaped accessories: Transparency is the essence of fashion
This year, shaped accessories are especially popular. However, is the shape of a weird exaggeration style a certain fashion? Of course it is not. The texture is first and foremost. Only crystal clear texture can distribute plastic elegance. With either a flowing dress or casual denim dress, it can become a bright spot.
Very different from a Women’s Dresses in Chicago , Jellies is made of PVC material after soft treatment. Wear it to walk and you will not hear the sound of «Pata Pata». And it’s soft, with sweet colors. After Marc Jacobs set off a wave, major brands have rushed to launch similar plastic sandals. In addition to maintaining the waterproof, lightweight, comfort features, there are more colors and materials of it. Some are even studded with Swarovski crystals. This makes its popularity greatly increased, becoming the Women’s Dresses in San Antonio.
Personalized transparent clothing: full of fun


Paco Rabanne designed a Women’s Dresses in Phoenix of the PVC material for the «Space male and female Barbarella». Plastic creates a three-dimensional sense of the future. This makes an infinite expansion of the charm of fashion.


Compared with the looming chiffon tulle, transparent plastic sense is more worthy of pondering and challenging the traditional.


Yao Chen was wearing PRADA «crystal curtain» semi-skirt and transparent high heels while she was shooting advertising. The match of white and clear plastic makes an interpretation of a different kind of elegance.

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