Fashion Costumes Trend of fall and winter of 2012 Distinguish New Charm of Woman Dress Style

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Color is another strong trend which pops up in spring and summer. No matter inspirations of current season are from the 1930s, 1940s or 1960s, the thick autumn color tone it calls for Shop Womens Dresses. The combination of saturated colors such as amber brown, cognac red, pomegranate juice, red, gold and cool colors such as navy blue, sapphire blue, emerald green with simple outline is the most outstanding demonstration of trend of this season.
Red tones, among varies counterparts, is like mellow full-bodied wine and can be named as red or rose red, are always mixed with light pink and purple. The garnet is color of 1970s, and is particularly suitable for Exquisite women’s lingerie. The orange may make greater commercial success than ever before. When orange is put together with the pop style colors, they immediately look modern. These colors are not only exist on their own, and are use in a mismatch and conflict way to realize the appearance of contrast colors.

Just Cavalli
Texture is a essential element. In current season, wool has been attached great priority. Popular types of wool during this season range from soft gentle luxurious cashmere wool to high quality mohair or effects of bushed as well as colorful strips or traditional tweed. Leather is also in trendy, as they even can be the only focus for some buyers in the whole fashion show. Some have even said that «No leather, No show»
From curly shearing to the retro style long hair of goat, or special effects of fur mixed or collage. No matter the silky Russia lamb leather and rough raccoon, the velvet trimmed mink leather which transform into soft feather of fox, all these are the theme to bring people contrast of texture and appearance.  Do not underestimate the importance of the fur and suede, they were once the best products in high street brands in the past, including both Womens Bikini and Swimsuits. The fur of this season is daringly in bright rainbow colors. Glamorous colorful fur such as fox fur is use in designs of coats and jackets, which obviously demonstrating the possibility of commercially applied strong colors to the young market of artificial fur.

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