Single product is also attractive: Compared to more attention on basic goods in the previous quarter, more intense emotions are inlaid in single items of this season. The coat is absolutely a single product, whether it is filled with fur decorations, snake pattern print Women’s fashion or a detail of retro style standup collar and flared shaped  shawl, slender and long coat style, all these have fully demonstrated style of the 1970s in this season.
Some unexpected combinations are of great commercial features: pencil skirt with a sporty sweater of Balenciaga, which gives new style to formal dress in the common sense. Of course, you can mix or match the works of different designers, and work out contrasting personal signs because nowadays consumers are more willing to follow their own way to match different single product with each other. Another surprising trend is that the leading the casual baseball jacket has became a new motorcycle jacket leading the current trend. Mixed appearance of product of Stella McCartney has become a new choice for jacket for the young market with its slender profile, which combines itself with popular sleeve details of this season.

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