When Nubra Becomes the Muse for Designers

Marc Jacobs 2011 spring and Summer Collection
In this collection, Marc Jacobs did not choose the style of the 1950s and 1960s. Instead, he picks up the crazy unique style of 1970s. The use of sense of perspective and good handling of the breast makes you the most charming women with the 1970s style. >> Mac Jacobs got his Life Achievement Award

The cone-shape bodice may give you a hard time wearing Altuzarra’s dress, but confident women will be definitely like it.

Schwab combines underwear、bicycle rider and secret symbol together, which may seem awkward. Yet, it actually makes sense. When Marios spent his childhood in Athens, his father ran a lingerie shop and Marios since then has been interested in this field.
Fan for the nubra

Nubra labeled with “Show your loving heart”
Lady Gaga wearing nubra labeled with “Show your loving heart” in her Mexico concert.

Lady Gaga kept using see-through nubra and had a weird nun look
Lady Gaga: weird nun looks in her concerts
Lady Gaga hit the world again with her new shocking look

White Tshirt with X-shaped nubra
Rihanna’’s white Tshirt with X-shaped nubra attracted people’s attention, but her lobster hairstyle was shocking.

Rihanna’’s white Tshirt with X-shaped nubra
Rihanna put a black hat on her red afro, looking like a clown. White Tshirt with X-shaped nubra shows her unique attitude towards fashion.

The match of nubra and clothing
There are lots of technique to use when matching nubra and our garments. Generally, light-colored garments match with fleshcolor nubra, which is gorgeous and elegant. High-colored Womens Coats and Jackets can mix with light yellow or pink. Black ones best match black nubra. If you have coats and maxi Womens Blouses and Shirts with flower patterns, then prints nubra is the best choice.

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